Our 811 Locate solution is used by agencies across the United States. 

811 Locates
Miller Spatial's 811 Locates solution can help agencies using Esri technology to streamline the management of 811 tickets without purchasing additional software. Our solution works directly with Esri's Workforce Application. It can be deployed in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, or a combination of both. Our solution can also be configured to work with other Asset Management system solutions. 

All data is stored within the agencies GIS environment (Enterprise or ArcGIS Online). This means 811 assignments and location information can be used in offer Esri products like the ArcGIS Operations Dashboard.

Responding to notifications from 811 one call centers is a pivotal function of any utility or municipal business operation. At Miller 
Spatial, we offer a powerful and user-friendly 811 Locate solution that is flexible, customizable, and can be implemented on 
premise or in the cloud (SaaS). Our 811 Utility Alert Tracking solution incorporates the following key features, and designed to 
meet 811 one call end-to-end workflow: 
✓ Communicate ticket status with local 811 call center 
✓ Pinpoint location on a map & Track ticket status 
✓ Prioritize ticket & Assign to locator 
✓ Manage associated notes and photos 
✓ Agency dashboard and map customization 
✓ Maintain most of the system In-house (ArcGIS Online/Workforce) 
✓ No syncing required 
✓ Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 

Map View – View all active and recently closed 
tickets from the feature service as point features 
on a map. Tickets are symbolized on priority 
(defined by the call center) as well as status. Click 
on a feature in the map to access additional 
information about that ticket.  

List View – The list contains the most relevant 
information about a ticket, including priority, 
status, ticket number, type, date created, and 
distance from the device’s current GPS location. 
Sort tickets in the list on priority, ticket name, 
creation date, or locator.  

Photo Markup – Link photos with a ticket by 
using the device’s camera to take new photos, or 
by choosing existing photos from the device’s 
photo library. Markup photos using drawing and 
text tools.  

History – Track and maintain any changes to a 
ticket. Changes made, along with date, time, and 
username is recorded and saved. 
Filter – Filter tickets on priority, assignment, 
status, due date, and type.  

Positive Response – Communicate the status of a 
ticket directly with the regional 811 one call 
Device – Runs natively on Android, iOS, and 
Windows 10.  

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